This is what our customers say about our jackets and clothing:

"Stylish and practical, an unusual combination. Suitable for any occasion from a day about town, an important judging appointment or a day at the races."

Jill Jerram

About her dress coat



"This jacket certainly did its job. The rain was torrential but the jacket was totally waterproof so when everyone else was soaked through Georgia was still dry under hers."

Samantha Darlington

About Georgia Darlington's riding jacket



"This lovely waterproof Torty show jacket that I wore today for the first time out showing in the pouring rain and freezing snow kept me perfectly dry, it is fabulous!”

Amanda Miller

About her jacket



"My jacket fits beautifully and is exactly what I wanted. It has kept me dry on the wet days but has been breathable enough that I could wear it at HOYS in the indoor arena under the lights. Love it!"

Katie Benedetto

About her riding jacket



"Jacket looked great and withstood the rain, really happy."

Michaela Catterall

About her riding jacket



"I am thrilled with my jacket, I have always struggled getting jackets to fit me correctly but this jacket is perfect, giving me shape where I want it. It is functional and has kept me dry on those wet days."

Anne Cavagnuolo

About her riding jacket