Tweed Samples


Lovat Mill (Scottish Tweed) 

  • Teviot range – light (14 oz)

  • Kirkton range – medium (16 oz)

  • Ettrick range – heavy (21 oz)


Dugdale Bros (Saxony Tweed)

  • The white rose saxony tweed (15 oz)


Worsted Alsport II 

  • Town Tweeds (12 oz) 


Brook Taverner 

  • Centenary Jacketing collection (11 oz of wool cotton and cashmere mix) (10 oz pure new wool) (15 oz all wool tweed jacketing)

  • Birkdale range (13 -14 oz) plain coloured wool 


Huddersfield snowflake (Italian jacketing)

  • Fine wool (7.75 oz to 8.3/9 oz) suitable for suits 

  • Black tie range (8.5 oz to 9.2 oz)

  • Portofino range (8oz) Spring/Summer wear, Light plaid fashion 



  • Shetland range (14 – 16 oz) Heavy weight range 

  • Heritage collection (14 oz) "The Hacking Jacket Tweed"

  • Merino lambswool (14-16 oz) Herringbone plain tweeds


Porter and Harding 

  • The Hartwist range (18 oz) "The Classic Jacketing Tweed"



Dugdale Bros. 

  • Classic linings – vibrant “on trend’ colours as well as an abundance of classic shades

  • Jackard paisley linings 

  • Carnival linings – spotted and lined linings                                                                                                                                   


If you have found a few tweeds which you like the look of but feel unsure, I am happy to post the ones you specify.  There will be a refundable £10 deposit for the return of the samples.

I have many other tweed wools available so please do ask if there is something specific you are looking for.